UPVC Company Glasgow Are Hosting This Year’s Health & Beauty Conference

upvc company glasgow

Scotland’s biggest city, Glasgow are hosting this years much anticipated Health & Conference. With brands such as Lululemon, Sweaty Betty. Neil’s Yard, Nars as well as various magazines and social media influencers will all attend the conference to network and tell you more about the current industry. So whether you are a student, magazine editor or entrepreneur you should bag your tickets now! UPVC Company Glasgow are one of the sponsors of the event along with Nuffield Health, Virgin Active, Evian Water and Graze. Here is what is trending in the health and beauty industry and what to expect from the annual conference.

upvc company glasgow

Fitness Trends

Boring cardio sessions on the cross trainer and treadmill were all the rage in the 90s but quickly got replaced with HIIT classes and body building squads. The trend strong not skinny has made a huge impact in recent years, helping with body confidence and a more accepting society. However in 2019, peoples obsession with HIIT isn’t stopping and classes such as Barry’s Bootcamp and PT’s like Bradley Simmonds are promoting the use of treadmills for fast and effective HIIT training. There has been an 82% rise in interesting in treadmill classes using sprinting techniques to blast fat and increase fitness levels.

Boxing has also seen an increase in interest, especially amongst women. There has been an female empowerment movement that see more women lifting heavy, running faster and now boxing. With boxing improving over all fitness and toning your arms and stomach there is no surprise why boxing classes are popular amongst women.


Hot pod yoga has seen a 50% rise in interest in 2019, with yogis entering into the hot pod for a 1 hour long yoga session. Set for beginners right through to advanced yogis there is no wonder why yoga lovers LOVE this class.

upvc company glasgow

Health & Wellness

With a rise in sustainability education and efforts, more people are choosing to go vegan in an effort to help the planet. More meat free and dairy free alternatives are flying off the shelves including nut milks, nut butters and coconut alternatives. Even coffee shops are recognising this with a range of milks including almond milk, oat and coconut milk on alternative to cow milk.

Instagram is full of wannabe nutritionists and personal trainers, however Personal trainer James Smith has called out all the fakes and is promoting a more manageable and ‘real’ way to get fit and healthy. You won’t see him promoting any keto diets or intermittent fasting. His philosophy is why millions of people follow him and are getting fit the healthy way. Simply exercise as much as you can, take the stairs, be active and if you want to lose fat, then be in a calorie deficit. If you want a chocolate bar then have one but maybe eat less calories throughout the day and workout a little harder.

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Skin Care


Last year it was all about retinols – this year its all about plant based retinols. bakuchiol was discovered years ago however beauty leaders are swearing by its restorative properties. You wont get the harsh drying or peeling with plant based retinols, which is a dream for those with sensitive skin.


For those living in London, especially are gripping onto their pollution protective skin care. With the effects of pollution on our pores causing spots, acne and rashes, beauty brands have created ranges like sun screen that block out pollution.

Garnier have understood the effects that empty plastic bottles in the beauty industry aren’t getting recycled so watch out for their sustainability campaign on how the beauty industry will become more eco-friendly.

upvc company glasgow