Which Walking Aids for Elderly are Right for Your Loved One?

Walking aids for elderly include rollators like those pictured.

Why choose walking aids for elderly?

Many people reach a stage in their life when they just can’t carry out all the activities they may have once done. Activities many of us take for granted, like walking and running, become more and more challenging. At this point, it is often necessary for these individuals to invest in walking aids to help them keep their independence and freedom. Walking aids for elderly are often an essential part of their life to keep people moving where they want to go.

Which aid is the right aid?

There are a variety of different walking aids for elderly individuals. These may help them to stay active and improve their quality of life. The following examples are some of the top choices when it comes to walking aids.

Finding walking aids for elderly loved ones can help them spend time with their family.


A rollator is similar to the common ‘zimmer frame’ however is more convenient for the user. With wheels and a structure which can be easily folded away, it can be a good option for many individuals. It often comes with a basket, tray and bag attached which can help those who are using it to do shopping or similar.

Walking Stick

The humble walking stick is a very popular choice for individuals who just want a little more support when walking from A to B. Walking sticks can come in a range of styles and are easily stored or hidden away due to their slim design.

Walking Frame

A walking frame is closer again to a zimmer frame, although unlike the rollator, it is more commonly used indoors. Some have forearm troughs to allow the user to support themselves entirely on the frame to move around. As well as making great walking aids for elderly, these can also be used to support those who need physiotherapy.


More often seen being used by individuals with leg or ankle injuries, crutches can also be counted among walking aids for elderly. Often used in the home, they are also good for someone who would like to take the weight off of their lower body with some extra support.

Finding the right walking aids for elderly loved ones

If you are still looking for the perfect walking aids for elderly loved ones, you should talk to both their GP and also a specialist retailer in walking aids. If you are based in the UK, a good place to start would be a company like UK Mobility Healthcare, who hold the whole range of different mobility and walking aids for elderly individuals and would, therefore, be more than able to direct you towards the aid that will work best. Should you have any other questions on walking aids or support later in life, feel free to get in touch with Doctor Esbolaroja today.